Introducing [dys+-(u)topia]

I'm thrilled to be launching this branch of my site and starting to put more time and effort into getting behind some of the great work that activists, technologists, journalists and scholars are advancing to raise concerns about the role of technology in our societies--particularly as it impacts human rights and ownership and control over our culture.


The writing and advocacy that I do here is distinct from that on my Worklog, although inevitably the two worlds may occasionally intertwine. I am, for example, steering my faculty scholarship in the direction of researching and documenting approaches for rescuing and preserving digital content as it gets gated and encumbered in commercial cloud platforms. That work aims to address some of the politics and power dynamics at work in big tech.

[dys+-(u)topia] is me flexing my muscles on a different level.

It is my disciplined attempt to deepen and develop my personal activism and take my engagement further on issues ranging from surveillance, blogger's rights, hacktivism, net neutrality, social media freedoms, protection of digital evidence, and others. I don't have any ambitions to make [dys+-(u)topia] a corner unto itself, but rather to help join a chorus and hopefully demonstrate the power that one voice on the internet can have when combined with so many others.

In the year ahead, I'll not only aim to post weekly on advocacy issues but I'm going to make an effort to get myself on the ground and do some engagement with those who are working person-to-person and institution-to-institution on those issues. I'm also going to be posting reviews and reflections on publications, films, documentaries and other media that strikes me as impactful.

So, stay tuned. Let's get started!