Building a Data Deep State @GVSU - The Role of Faculty Partnerships (Part 2)

In my previous post in this series on building out a deeper network of support for data management at GVSU, I spotlighted the collaborations between GVSU Libraries, the Annis Water Research Institute (AWRI), and our Center for Scholarly & Creative Excellence (CSCE). This was to promote the use of Data Carpentry amongst faculty in the departments of biology, ecology, statistics, engineering, and the libraries. Our two-day workshop last December was a huge success!

Though we may have gone into hibernation for the winter, we have climbed out this spring to launch another set of great community-developed data management resources on campus. This time partnering with faculty member Katie Corker from GVSU's Department of Psychology to promote the use of the Open Science Framework (OSF) for faculty and students from across campus. Katie and I are Center for Open Science Ambassadors for GVSU, and are eager to promote their free and open resources.


OSF is a data management and publishing platform hosted by the Center for Open Science (COS). It is one of many services that COS makes available in its broader efforts to transform the culture of science--making research more transparent and reproducible. OSF is available to anyone and easy to get started with. The non-profit even makes branded instances of the OSF available to whole institutions.

Perhaps GVSU will one day have its own institutional instance of the OSF, but for now Katie and I just want to start by helping to lay a foundation for broader usage of the platform. With that in mind we set aside an hour and a half to first provide some context around the importance and motivation for openly sharing data, and then launched into a fairly comprehensive tour of the basic functionality of the OSF. The twelve attendees (a mixture of faculty and graduate students) were given a hands-on opportunity to play with the OSF and gain a quick understanding of how they could use it both for their own research as well as for supporting classroom instruction and student projects.

Naturally, folks had the most questions around how to keep some data private while still taking advantage of the core sharing and collaboration features of the platform. This was not Katie's first rodeo with providing instruction for OSF and so she did a great job of demoing the solutions. My role, primarily wearing my data management librarian hat, was to simply underscore the importance of good data curation as a stepping stone to more open data sharing--increasingly a requirement and necessity in academic research.

Participants were extremely satisfied and indicated moderate improvement in their understanding of the platform. In addition to the instructional resources being freely provided by the Center for Open Science (COS), lunch was also freely provided thanks to the generous support of our GVSU Center for Scholarly & Creative Excellence (CSCE).


You can catch the entire workshop audio and slides below for yourself via Katie's OSF account - check it out HERE!